Flir B360 for Sale

3 years old and very well taken care of. Calibration is current and good until March 2013. $6,500 and I’ll ship anywhere in US. Msg me for pics and further description.

That’s about $2,000 over the going price for that imager. Good luck.

Thanks for your input though that does not help me sell it. I’m looking at listings for used B200 on Ebay for sold for $5,250. I could go that route but would prefere to sell directly to a fellow auditor without paying Ebay.

Ever notice all the Non-members come here to sell their old used overpriced EQ? They must think we are gullible and/or stoopid, or sumtin!!! :shock:

Actually, that B200 was listed at $5200, but sold at a “Best Offer Price” which could be any amount. I wouldn’t base the value of your camera on that listing.

Why are u selling it?

I was trying to make you aware that you are overpricing your camera. I found a B 200 for for even less:
What’s so special about yours?

Over the years we’ve realized that renting cameras is a more cost effective option for the work we do and our business model. It’s a great camera but it is also nice to get the latest and greatest without the investment in purchasing.

Thanks. I just started listing it and its good to get feed back. Nothing special about it other than it was used on larger/fewer jobs than I would suspect it would have been if used in residential work. Also, it has been serviced and calibrated once per year ($950+ per!).

I was thinking the same thing…

For those of you tracking prices… camera sold at $6,500. B2B.

On a final note: Some of the comments in this thread are sad to see from a professional blog. It is a representation of not only you but your trade to those “Non members”.

Good luck.

Not sure why the B200 came up in this thread…comparison of some sort I guess.

The two cams are drastically different. The B360 is a 320x240 detector with better thermal sensitivity. It is also a newer model vs the B200. The T360 was in service up until the new T420/T420BX and T440/T440BX came out. The T200 has been discontinued for some time. Basically the T360 was the little brother to the T400.

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It came up earlier in the thread. The seller is/was an energy auditor, the B200 resolution is sufficient for energy auditing and the imager is much cheaper than a B/T360. But, if I was selling imagers, I would recommend the T440 with all available lenses, software and accessories.

lol, that would be a heck of a sale. The lenses would be 5x more than the camera. There are like 12 different lenses available for that camera and that is just the ones I am aware of. FLIR has a lot more stuff than what you can find on their website or a spec sheet. Same with the software. They have software that goes way up there in price.


Sorry we treated you as a “stranger in our neighborhood” The Neighborhood Watch was just doing their job. We are more civil in the “Members Only” sections.:wink: