Bacharach Monoxer II vs tif8800A Combustible Gas Detector

Hell, I have a question for all of you. I use both a Bacharach Monoxer II and tif Combustible gas detector at my home inspections. I have always been unhappy with the bacharach, and honestly do not trust it. I have had it calibrated by Bacharach and it still does not work to my satisfaction. I started using the combustible gas detector also and it seems to work very well for determining if CO is in the air. I was told that this detector works by looking for a lack of oxygen in the air. It basicall will work for both applications…co gas, and combustible gas. I have also talked to several HVAC guys who do the same thing. What are your opinions on this? I understand that with the combustible detector I can not get exact CO readings, but is this really needed, when there should be 0 co levels. I am thinking of selling the Bacharach and using the money for a moisture meter, but just want to know other people’s opinions on the issue. Thanks in advance.

Evan Hughes
Colorado Pro Inspect

Tif 8800 Combustible Gas Detector](

Gas lines and pipes, aids in identifying Heat Exchanger leaks and hazardous living/working environments. Note: not an effective Carbon Monoxide detector –

I also use the Tiff 8800A, at least initially. I have been told that it does not detect CO, but does detect the aldehydes that are often associated with incomplete combustion. The aldehydes (I believe) is what is usually smelled in the home when there are exchanger issues (CO is odorless).
Remember that the TIFF is very sensitive and may also pick up styrofoam and/or other debris left in heating ducts as well as some thread sealants and (maybe) air freshners. I will use the TIFF initially, but I do not totaly rely on it for CO. I use a TPI775 to test specifically for CO.

What problems are you having with the Monoxor II? Maybe I can answer your questions about its operation.

The TIF 8800A is a combustible gas meter and should not be relied upon for co testing.