Back Fed Sub or 2 Mains?

First time for me on this one. There are 2 panels with a total of 6 throws. Other than the double lugging of the SEC, can you have 2 panels be mains or does one have to feed through the other with isolated ground/neutral etc.?




The panel at the left should be fed from a breaker in the panel at right-----no double lugging on the mains. Grounds and neutrals should be separated in the panel at left.

Like Charles said, just plain wrong. . .

Looks like a whole lot O trouble to me…:shock:

That “sub” panel looks as if it was a “weekend warrior” add on.
White wire on breaker, no separation of grounds and neutrals …and so on…

Looks like some jamoke wanted to add an air conditioner circuit. See it all the time around here. Many times it is done my the HVAC guys.

This can be done legally but this ain’t it. You would need a panel listed as service equipment, a proper splicing method on the SEC, bonding bushings on the raceway etc. Easier would be to tap it off the load side of a breaker in the main. Then this is a load side panel, separated neutral etc.

Another method could be to simply install a feed thru panel and it will have lugs at the bottom to feed the additonal panel…but most certainly not in the method THIS one is done.

Also…basically the panel to the left is NOT a sub-panel as this point…since it is tapped into the main lugs ( which is incorrect as those lugs again are not rated for such ) so it is for a lack of better term…the same as the first panel…

ACK…where are the supports for the pipes and conductors…nope…no sir…Don’t like it at all…;(

Also…if the RED wire being used as the Grounded Conductor to the panel on the lower left…is # 6 or smaller AWG…it needs to be White or Grey outter or (3) cont. on other than green along it entire length…

If its 4AWG or larger it could have (3) wraps of white tape on each end or as well as listed above as well…But the (3) wraps only apply to 4 AWG and larger…this is for field installations only.

Man I could go on and on…I am sure we all could as well…many things wrong here…