Back up at tub drain

When I was testing the 2nd floor master bath plumbing I was running the water at both sinks. They drained fine.(Or it seemed so at the time) I left the water on at the sink to test the flow.

When I went to test the tub plumbing the water from the sinks was backing up into the tub.

The home has been vacant for awhile.

As you see in the pic it appears there is some sand/grit debris.

Do you think the problem is with the tub plumbing or would you advise the hole DWV system be scanned.

It seemed just to be the master bath that was an issue, Toilets flushed OK. First floor Half bath OK.

127508 025 (Small).jpg

127508 025 (Small).jpg

often times Dave it is a blockage of hair and soap at one of the fittings between the smaller sink and tub drains before they hit the main line…especially in bathrooms that have not been used for a while…drain cleaner or a small snake would probably clear this right up…however i would just report what i observed…jmo…jim

Let a plumber figure it out. Your job is complete.

“The tub drain is blocked and should be serviced by a licensed plumbing contractor to ensure that the blockage does not involve the main sewer line.”

Well said Joe

David , if it had a drum trap, that is your culprit.

Typical Plbg1.jpg
This is oversimplified, but as you can see if the tub is stopped and the lavs are filling the tub then the stoppage is below where it drains into the stack.

Typical Plbg1.jpg

Typical Plbg1.jpg

By the way, I agree your job is done when you find the stoppage.