Functional Drainage

For about ten minutes, this bathtub was draining really well - and then I opened the access panel inside the closet :roll:



Damn overflow tube.
Did you damage the ceiling below?

Looks like you have a sink back to back with that thing judging from the galvanized supply I see but I hope it was on a slab.

There must have already been damage if they were using that tub.

And you are concerned with filling shower pans to 2 inches depth. :p;-):smiley:

(Couldn’t help myself, as you rarely give us a chance to ‘rib’ you)!

Previously a bank-owned property, purchased by an investor - fresh paint, new carpet fixtures, sinks, etc., etc. - now selling to my client. Slab-on-grade with back to back bathrooms.

Besides the overflow being disconnected, the drain line was obstructed, which is why the water is pouring out. It didn’t cause any damage anywhere as it was just free flowing beneath the slab. I never did see any water outside…

I was actually thinking of that post when I saw this :mrgreen:

So was I but figured I would wait for someone else to say it in a funnier way.

I need to break my habit of running the water first and then looking at then drainage piping. Yesterdays house was missing the disposal and water was leaking all over, glad I had some rags.

I always try to check the slab on grade homes at the bath access areas, I also lift the floor registers to check the inslab ducts as most are dirty, some have water, insects.

184011 029 (Small).JPG

184011 029 (Small).JPG

I always check below sinks as soon as I turn on the water, and again within a minute or two.

I open access panels “when I get to them” during the normal course of the inspection. I may consider changing that protocol. :wink:



No need BK. It drained out beneath the slab :smiley:

Must have been one heck of a (concealed) crack in the slab! :wink: