Back Up Generator

I have an inspection scheduled tomorrow at a home with a back up propane generator. Should I attempt to test it?

If the home owner was present I’d ask them to demonstrate its operation. If this is not a possibility, my advise to you would be to recommend the installer or an appropriate technician inspect and operate it. Reading between the lines of your post, I’m gathering you probably haven’t seen too many of these…As such, stay within your comfort zone.

II. The inspector is not required to:
A. Insert any tool, probe or device into the main panelboard, sub-panels, distribution panelboards, or electrical fixtures.
B. Operate electrical systems that are shut down.
C. Remove panelboard cabinet covers or dead front covers if they are not readily accessible.
D. Operate or reset overcurrent protection devices or overload devices.
E. Operate non-accessible smoke detectors.
F. Measure or determine the amperage or voltage of the main service equipment if not visibly labeled.
G. Inspect the fire or alarm system and components.
H. Inspect the ancillary wiring or remote control devices.
I. Activate any electrical systems or branch circuits which are not energized.
J. Inspect low voltage systems, electrical de-icing tapes, swimming pool wiring or any time-controlled devices.
K. Verify the service ground.
**L. Inspect private or emergency electrical supply sources, including but not limited to generators, windmills, photovoltaic solar collectors, or battery or electrical storage facility. **
M. Inspect spark or lightning arrestors.
N. Inspect or test de-icing equipment.
O. Conduct voltage drop calculations.
P. Determine the accuracy of labeling.
Q. Inspect exterior accent lighting.

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While not required…if you really want to do anything just make sure it starts up properly and runs. Otherwise, thats about all you can do without going into way to much liability detail.