Testing back up generators

Is there any way to test back up generators?

I have a client that wants me to verify if the sump pump is conected to the generator should the power go out. Is this possible?


If it is a automatic start just kill the main power

They do not monitor power coming in from the power company and start when none is detected? This was my impression.

It depends on which type it is. Most will automatically start once it detects a loss of power from the power company and then shut it’s self off once power is restored. Many of the newer generators will also run automatic tests weekly or monthly. I’m sure there is a way to test them, but without knowing what type or which one I can’t say.

(Picture of a recent inspection with one)

What type of generator is it, natural gas?

Most of the time all you have to do is Kill the main breaker and stand by will come on . If not there is a test button on the unit .but swome of these only run the unit and o not transfer power. Try the main first.

As an inspector, I don’t turn on any breakers that are off, and I certainly don’t turn off any breakers that are on.

Good question, though.

And how do you know that they wired the back up generator correctly to begin with. This is beyond the scope of an inspection. I would defer to a licensed electrician to test.

Part of my agreement:

INSPECTION DOES NOT INCLUDE – Negotiating issues with the builder/owner/contractor; sewer lines and/or onsite waste disposal systems; water softeners; shower pans, over-flow drains, low voltage electrical systems; backup generators, data and communications systems or other ancillary wiring that is not part of the primary electrical distribution system