Bad edges of poured slab and possible compact issues - acceptable?

This slab was poured about a month ago and when the forms were removed, it looks like they had to strike them with something to remove them and took chunks out of the edges in many areas. Being that this will be a Florida home with cinder blocks laid on top of this slab on all outside edges, will these gouges cause structural weakness or settlement sometime in the future? The contractor said they would repair these issues before the cinder blocks were laid, but not sure if we need an inspection on the whole slab since the sub contractor who started this foundation was recently replaced and left the jobsite. Not sure of the reason why, but from what their work looks like, it could have been lack of experience or performance.

by looking at the photos, it does not look like the concrete was broken, looks more like it was never there. possibly they ran out of concrete, there was an air bubble in those spots or something.
its really not a problem, its a easy fix. also they should not have left the edges sharp like that, should have finished the edges