Ball valve for water heater shutoff

The attached picture shows a ball valve for the natural gas shutoff valve for a water heater. Not sure if this is the required valve for gas shutoff. Any thoughts regarding this ball valve?

Perfectly fine as long as it has WOG on it somewhere.
Water oil or Gas design.

Just because it has “WOG” does not mean that it is approved for fuel gas. It must have " AGA " or " CGA " approval. There are many gases that are not fuel gas and that what these valves are used on as in O2, nitrogen etc.

Is there any others ?

True Stewart just making sure for those that have not understood the W.O.G.
Take your pick.

The valve is fine, WOG was correct. usually the only difference between the modern gas valve and a ball valve is the handle. Some manufactures actually sell the valve with two handles depending on your application.

Should be generic

Look at the date Avon… this post is from 2013!