Bare Grounded Conductor

Hey Guys-

The grounded conductor from the weather mast to the meter was just bare copper, no insulation around it. Are there any problems with that? The grounded conductor entering the service panel from the meter was normal. Thanks.


No main?

I think the 100 amp at the top left might be the main.

I also think the insulation may have degraded and fallen off the neutral at the weatherhead.

Sorry Robert, I don’t follow. What do you mean no main? Your code reference exception (1) applies here correct?

Yes, that’s the correct. The 100 AMP top left breaker in the panel was for the house distribution panel inside the garage. But also yes, no main disconnect for the service panel.

No “main” is required here, but that was not clear in the first photo.

Yes, the bare grounded conductor is permitted. A main/OCPD is required.