Barometric Damper

Are they required for Oil Fired Boilers?
Found my first Boiler without one (barometric damper)…

Other concerns related to the heating system and flue but curious about lack of damper

That is one question I never got right on the NHIE.

I think the answer is “not required” but “not a good idea either”…
Can not find a specific code or manufacturer requirement…

LOL :slight_smile:

I think the answer is “not required” but also “not a good idea”…
I am looking for a code or manufacturer requirement.
I have been unable to find one…

No cleanout (which is unusual for masonry chimney)

as the article suggests, they are recommended for many reasons

are they required?

As with most things the manufacturer knows best.

Part of the problem.
Installation manual shows one in the schematic drawing…
the installation requirements or settings are not mentioned anywhere in the installation and service manual that I have.

I would have no problem recommending an HVAC tech service the unit periodically and determine if a barometric camper could improve performance.

Oil fired units are more likely to need maintenance on regular basis anyway when compared to gas fired units.

Having owned both I speak from experience.