Baseboard heat in closet

Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone can tell me if hot water baseboard heat with exposed plumbing (no register cover) is allowed in a closet. Thanks in advance.

I know of no restrictions as to location but the MFG covers should be in place for safety

Larger closets located on exterior facing walls need to be heated somehow, if they aren’t they can get very cold.


Like Charley indicated above, the cover should be in place.
180 degree fluid flows through that copper pipe. Very hot to the touch.

In addition, the cover/damper provide the avenue for convection (air flow), to properly heat the space.


No system I had ran that hot. More like 120.

My older fin type hydronic baseboard system ran ~ 180, but I suppose they are adjustable with different loops usable but I don’t have the experience in this like Scott Frakes.

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Scroll down to figure 1.

Loop system hot-water heating Q&A

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But, I do think the temps are coming down because of the safety factor like Mike alludes to.

Guys hydroponic temp can be set at anything controlled by a thermostat, no sense in starting argument over nothing

So can hydronic :wink:

Yep. Depends on what you are growing in your closet. :wink:


I think that would be hydroponic…:slight_smile:

Oh, I see that is what red hat wrote…