baseboard heat

Just got the listing for inspection i have on a 1969 condo in a couple hours and it has baseboard heat.
Do the heaters have to be on dedicated currents? Any other comments are welcome also.

If they work and the right size wires are on the breakers, for the most part, I’m happy.:wink:

As long as the circuit is sized properly more than one heater can be on the same circuit.

How many watts of heat and what circuit sizes are you talking about? Are these 240 volt heaters?

Thanks guys but come to find out that this is a converted apt. The baseboard heat is hot water. Are they considered radiators? It also made for some other interesting finds. FPE panel etc,etc,etc.

Baseboard is baseboard. Radiators are radiators.
Two different animals IMO.

If you have hot water baseboards, they are normally called baseboard convectors.
If you have cast-iron steam baseboards, they are normally called baseboard radiators. (these are rare)
If you have electric baseboard heat, it’s just normally called baseboard heat.

Just stick to the terms “hot water baseboard” and “electric baseboard”, and you’ll be all set in my opinion.