Electric Basboard heat

Electric Base Board heat as a means of heating the entire house,
each room had a base board heater, No Furnace of any kind!

can anyone tell me how old these are?

as there is no writing left on them or the control settings


63 Kasper 164.JPG

63 Kasper 164.JPG

63 Kasper 133.JPG

63 Kasper 183.JPG

63 Kasper 185.JPG

The wall heaters with the fans look like mid to late 60’s. The baseboard heater looks the same as new units sold today. Good luck with report.


I was thinking sixties before the response.

Indeed, those in-wall resistant heaters are from the late 60’s and early 70’s and worked quite well for small spaces like bathrooms and entry halls. But in larger rooms, well they did not fair very well which is probably why they installed the baseboard heater later…as that looks fairly new in respect to it’s design.

nothing wrong with in the wall heaters IF they look in good condition and function properly. The real problem with the old ones is they are never cleaned and since they are resistive heating loads they can be possible fire starting hazards. However, if they look clean, have proper OCPD’s ahead of them then no real biggie.

Now I guess you could say something about the proximity to combustible material in front of the baseboard if you wish…but I am only commenting on the electrical applications of the question…:wink: