Baseboard heater below main panel

Observed this on an inspection today; since you should not have an electrical receptacle above a baseboard heater, I wouldn’t think it’s OK to have the panel above one. Thoughts?IMG_1857|666x500

My thought was the danger of a receptacle above the baseboard heater was because of the potential for a sagging cord to lay on the heater. The only issue I can figure with your picture is the extra heat being applied to the panel, which could be a concern I suppose.

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One thought I had was if the heater was to malfunction (i.e. fire) it could damage the panel.

I suppose it’s possible. Most baseboard heaters are metal so I don’t see it itself starting on fire but it could ignite nearby materials. I have a narrative for any items in the “clearance zone” of a baseboard heater. I define that zone as 12" in front, 12" above. and 6" to either side and state that combustible items should not be located in that zone.

Maybe this applies

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The graphic shows the required working space. Working space is measured from the front of the panel. The heater in the OP is not in the working space however it is in the dedicated equipment space.

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You’re welcome, here’s graphic from the NECH which shows the dedicated equipment space:


One thing to consider in that pic: the heater is very close the what appears to be Tyvek house wrap. Tyvek is extremely flammable and should never be left exposed like that. I think they were using it to isolate from any moisture in the wall, but they should trim the Tyvek back away from the heater.