outlet above baseboard heater

Recently renovated house has baseboard heaters in finished attic. All new electrical including one outlet above an electric baseboard heater. All has been inspected and passed by local building authorities. I told purchaser this may be a problem because the heat rises and may affect outlet or anything plugged into it.
Your comments are appreciated.

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They should off to the side of the baseboard a minimum of a foot on each side. As i remember, the clearances from drapes are 8 inches and from the floor below, and an inch from the bottom clearance is needed. Cords, etc. hanging in contact or too close could be result in a fire hazard.

I didn’t look it up to refresh my memory so wait for confimation…

Hello Allen,

My Electrical Code Simplified book for residential wiring based on the Ontario Hydro Safety Code states: “these outlets should not be located above the heaters unless it cannot be avoided. Usually they can be located at the ends so that supply cords need not run over the heater and get roasted every time the heater comes on. See also Appendix B page 440 in the Electrical Code for confirmation of this.”
As a former firefighter, this sounds like a hazard to me. However, it does not appear to be
a code violation.

The local authorities have jurisdiction. I would ask to see proof that the plugs have been approved by ESA.

The cord could be laid across the top of the heater (parallel) along where the heater meets the wall. That area does not get hot, the problem is the heating coming out of the front area.