basement hot water heater backdraft

(Charlie Yuki) #1

i have 3 hot water heaters and 2 gas boilers in a back room in the basement. directly above that are dryers for a laundromat. i have backdraft problem on one of the water heater, it gets worse if all the dryers are running. if i stand on the chimney on the roof i can feel the hot air from the dryer vent. would that be the cause of the backdraft?

are the vent pipes on the water heaters properly install?

(Erik Schmidt) #2

Doesn’t look like they are. Get a qualified person to look at the whole thing.
Looks like the pipe is partially disconnected at left edge of the picture.
Also looks like they went from B vent to single wall instead of single wall connector into B vent, but that may be your picture.
Too much horizontal, not enough vertical on the connectors maybe.
Roof is a mess as well.
Is there a make up air provision when the dryers are running and sucking all the air out of the building?

(Kenneth A. Ramm) #3