Basement Insulation

I am looking for an article on why insulating the rim joist in the basement is the proper way to do it and not the basement ceiling. Anyone have one?

Air infiltration gets into the house through the many air gaps at this critical area. Cant go through the basement ceiling if it doesn’t get into the house. In a perfect world of course. Thats why its more important at this location. Write a passage on your own describing it. Usually easier to understand rather than a scientific passage from a magazine etc. plus its rewarding to see what and hiw you write it.

I actually was looking for something in regards to reference material. It is obviously the logical thing to do, but it’s nice to be able to say “also, so-and-so says it here”

Try this , basics and ‘official’

Thats a good one. Thanks

Try this one -

Thats perfect, thanks Alan