Bathroom fan vented to attic

Can anybody give me an alternative to have the bathroom ventilation fans be discharged into the attic? This is in a condo unit and they do not allow any modifications to the roof.

Don’t give the solution. Write up the defect. The client will have to rectify it with the association…or move in and possibly deal with a mold issue.

The alternatives/ repairs are not your concern. Let the association/ client figure it out.

many times routed to an eave or soffit.


Thank you all for your insight an quick response.

He he
I guess if the guy had a giant hole with rain pouring through they would not let him patch it either.

Some AHJ’s do not consider bathroom/kitchen exhaust fans terminating within the attic as a problem with the attic being ventilated by soffit/gable/ridgevents and or mechanical vents. My area being one of them

Standard Comment In MY Area - KANSAS CITY

We noted bathroom exhaust vent(s) terminating in the attic. Although this is commonly seen, current building standards recommend extending these to the exterior of the building for reasons such as: helping lower humidity levels in buildings; move condensation to the outside; and help reduce the likelihood of mold; etc. This would be a logical improvement that the new owner should consider doing.

Is it a CODE requirement in KC’s 81 surrounding municipalities (probably); do they enforce it (only 2 cities that I know of); Once I’ve reported it, do I care if the buyer does it / the seller does it / OR nobody does it - NOPE, I’m not gonna be living there.

Once I’ve reported a deficiency, I could care less if ANYBODY follows my advice or not.

Basement baths should be vented to the outside, basically through walls to a vent similar to a dryer vent. Attic vents should be extended via flex tubing in the attic to the top roof vent areas, and not onto insulation. In KC, nothing gets enforced, so when the code compliance inspector leaves, anything goes.