Bathroom Venting

Ran across a new build that had the Master Bathroom vents terminating through the soffit. What are your thoughts on this?? Mine aren’t good…LOL

At least it is somewhat closer to being better than exhausting in the attic. ha. ha.

More so than not, this is the course of action taken on bathroom exhaust, and should just be noted as much, that it was not properly installed and vented to the outside.

See it all the time.

Good luck.

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Are the vents terminating on the outside of the soffit panel or, are they terminating inside the soffit?

They terminate on the outside of the soffit, and don’t clear the fascia board. so to me the bathroom moisture (so to speak)would be trapped under the eave, and drawn back into the attic through the soffit vents and out the roof and gable vents and round and round we go…lol

I saw the same thing in new construction in Central PA. The vent terminated through the soffitt, and the contractor mounted a bathroom fan type cover over the termination.

Really- and this is my one of my big pet peeves, as long as it is terminating on the outside of the soffit as you discribed, it should be okay. The low velosity of indrafting air is not likely to pick up the moisture latent exhaust air. But, as I said in a few of these post, terminating the exhaust inside of the eves has got to be one of the most jackassed, retarded practices I’ve ever seen… and of course… it does not meet code, I dont care where ya live! Okay… off my soapbox.

If the vent pipe terminates at a special fitting, attached to the soffit and manufactured for venting, that’s OK.

I regularly see these guys just running the vent pipe to the soffit and resting it on a soffit vent, or duct taping it to the rafter near a roof vent.

I see this is new construction of 1.7 Mil houses!

And the builder tells me I am crazy.

Go figure.

Hi. Will;

No you are not crazy, they are just ignorant of following Manufacturers guidlines in installing products. They like to take short cuts or the work was initiated on a Friday and Monday they forgot what they were doing the previous Friday. ha. ha.

Very easy to witness when you do this work everyday. That is the nature of builders today, and to my demiss, it is not getting anybetter.

Mark, question for you, what are the ramifications of an exhaust vent improperly installed in your part of the Country? I know what it does here in Maine, but curious as to what it causes in your territtory.


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