Bathroom style fan in garage

I found this bathroom style fan venting directly into the attic above the garage. No bathroom in the garage although there is a basin and a gas hot water tank. Anyone think this is an issue? Should I recommend venting to atmosphere? It is somewhat the same idea as a whole house fan? There was signs of mildew on the sheathing in the attic although that could be from other factors as the other attic (without the fan) had mildew as well.

DSC04689 (Small).JPG

DSC04689 (Small).JPG

The fan in the garage ceiling is an improper installation and should be removed.

Is the Homeowner a smoker?

I’m not sure why a fan is necassary in a garage ceiling, but you now have a breach in the firewall.

This gets written up if this were my inspection.

Ditto, the lack of ducting is moot in this case



If the seller and buyer wanted to keep the fan they can install 26 gauge solid duct to the exterior or through the roof and that may take care of the firewall concern.

Simply red flag the breach in the firewall and let them decide how and when it gets repaired. I don’t get involved in how the repairs get resolved after I leave the inspection. I’ve got too many other things to worry about, like the upcoming presidential election.


I would make note that the vent should exhaust directly to the outdoors.

Canadian rules are different than in the US whereas we are more concerned with gas proofing than fireproofing walls and openings in garages.

My wife smokes in the garage and I was thinking of installing a range hood directly above where she sits to smoke with a switch where she sits to activate :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:.

You should see the colour of the walls and ceiling from the smoke. :shock:

Two nails 2’’ apart in the bottom of the chair, some wire, a car battery and a Model T ignition coil, the old shock treatment will cure her bad habits. :stuck_out_tongue: