Bathroom vent to Stack vent

I hate it when I find stuff like this:shock:

Outside of septic gas issues, what else makes this a bad idea?



Gee give a red for this and do not sign your name what a whimp.

Bathroom vent to Stack…8/16/07 5:02 AM

Not allowed should be enough .
Now lets say Bath fan is of dryer is running and draws air in through the bath fan and in comes sewer gas.

… Cookie

I’ve got a couple of pictures like that. Sometimes I think we’ve stopped evolving as a species. A friend says “I sure that Darwin’s *Theory of Evolution * was wrong…too many stupid people around…they’re supposed to get weeded out naturally.”

If you had a larger volume fan, you may affect pressures throughout the vent system while the fan was running.

It’s illegal and dangerous.

IRC building, plumbing and mechanical codes prohibits such an installation.

Now that you’ve got your answer for the stack issue, (which was an idiotic move) tell your Buyer’s that the soffit vents are compromised by the insulation that was crammed behind the styrofoam baffles. Now the baffles appear to be crushed closed.


I don’t see that the rafter cavity vent shutes are closed off. How could you tell that. They look to be wide open with some insulatiion pushed up to the vent bottom where it passes over the outside wall top plates into the soffit.

By the way, that vent shute looks like one that is made in the city that I live near to and do 80% of my work in. Would its name happen to be “Truvent” manufactured by TRUFOAM? The other Maritime manufacturer of this type of vent (a knock-off) is Thermalite; did work on the owner’s house in the 1980’s.

It appears that the top portion of the baffle is away from the roof backing, when it should be right up against it, which is indicitive of being pushed in at the center area. The insulation appears to be pushed tightly up against it also.

I’m just trying to interpret your picture. I was not there. If you say that they were fully opened up, GREAT. It appeared crushed.

I happen to look inside the baffles to make sure they are opened up and I actually see daylight at the lower portion of these baffles.


Thanks for your input, there are actually some rafter cavity’s that have the baffles missing all togather. There were several areas in the house that have the HomeOwner specials syndrome.