Venting through soffit opening

Would you call out this venting into the soffit opening?


Yes, what was it for, bathroom exhaust or range hood exhaust?

Not for range as it was electric, but there’s no issue as soffit is suppose to allow cool air to enter the attic and this would be pushing air outward?

It can create a potential for mold growth. Bathroom fans or range hoods shouldn’t exhaust at soffit.

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Thanks for your comment Junior.

You’re welcome, was it bathroom exhaust?

I would infer so.

You need to be sure on what you’re calling out.

Be sure it is NOT the clothes dryer vent… … .

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I don’t believe it was the clothes dryer as I saw it venting outside, nonetheless any venting in the attic is not good. What I’m asking is this venting outside per standards?

Exhausting into the attic space itself is a defect. Not knowing what it is doesn’t help. Where do you put it in your report?

Attic conditions

Unknown vent into attic? :grinning:

I used to pop my head into the attic and do quick look around and go back and turn on a fan if I didn’t see it there or outside.

I found more buried bath vents that way than I can count.

You might try it? :smile:


That is a great method. Thank you very much Larry. I will install it in my knowledge bank.

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You’re welcome, Mike.

After a while I could tell, if I listened quietly, whether the bath fan was laboring. In which case, I would just turn it on before I went into the attic. :smile:

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Well look at that! There it is! :slight_smile:


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Mike, did you notice any bathroom or range hood vents through the roof or walls? Was this flexible vent above the bathroom?

Larry, do you consider this situation venting into the attic?

Yes… :smile:

As Junior said, it can create a potential for mold growth.

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