Bathroom ventilation system

Hired an inspector as part of the protocol to purchase a residence. He claims to have inspected following NACHI guidelines. Both bathrooms in the house have non-functional air handling systems - fans turn on, but no air is moved at all through and out of the bathroom, in both bathrooms. Checked NACHI guidelines and it indicates in the first paragraph in “Standards of Practice” Section 3.9 I. The inspector shall inspect: insulation in unfinished spaces, including attics, crawlspaces and foundation areas; ventilation of unfinished spaces, including attics, crawlspaces and foundation areas; and mechanical exhaust systems in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry area.

I claim he should have detected and pointed the deficiency to me as buyer, so that if merited, the seller would fix it before the sale took place. He failed to detect the deficiency and point it to me, and it now will become part of my expenses. He says, he did not have to disassemble anything to determine if it was working or not. I told him, I agree. I did not have to disassemble it to find it was not working. I presented a piece of plastic bag on a broom to the cover plate and when I lowered the broom the plastic fell off. Same thing in the other bathroom. He claims that I should hire a qualified professional to do what I want. I told him it is not a matter of doing something I want. I HAVE to fix it, as humid air not being moved out of the bathroom can cause significant damage to the furniture, structure, wood in the attic, gypsum board, insulation, no to mention the potential health hazard due to molds. Do not even know if he really is NACHI as he did not include his License number anywhere in the Report and Summary.
Want my fee back! ($340) Should I make a formal claim to him through NACHI???

First, depending on when this was done, he should be using the Florida Standards of Practice which you should have gotten a copy of prior to the inspection.

Next, when you say the fans turn on but don’t move the air, what do you really mean?
I have found in some instances that the blades didn’t spin even though the motor came on. Do the fan lines terminate outside the building?