bathroom venting into attic

Whats the general opinion on this. Ive been reading alot of conflicting opinions. Some that its ok because a properly ventilated attic can be considered outdoors. Some that it must be vented directly outside the attic space. Ideas?

Anybody that says it is ok to vent warm, moist air into the attic is an idiot.

Warm, moist air should be vented the the exterior and in cold climates can create considerable condensation in the attic when vented inside there. Insulated vent pipe from the fan to the exterior is best.

The idea should not even be considered.
Time to throughly go over ones education.
The understanding of ventilastion is critical in a homes overall health.

Thanks for asking us we are here to help .
I would love to read some of this information you talk about re venting into the attic .

Every thing I have read and been taught is No way should any thing be vented info the attic .
I have much information I can send you re venting if you send me your email . Thanks … Roy


The purpose of attic ventilation is to rid it of moisture. To intentionally vent moisture into the attic space is absurd. Where in the world are you reading that bathrooms can be vented directly into attic space? Can you publish the links here, please?

thanks for suggesting i need to go over my education robert. The reason why i asked was because i read this which happens to run contrary to what i believed from my education.

If I read the same one as you it is 8 years old … Roy

**Is venting fart fans into the attic within code?
#3] Posted: 04/26/2004 - 7:21:17 PM
**** ** I have no ventilation in My attic . I recently removed the roof vents and closed the Gable vents and when warm weather arrives I will finish closing the soffit vents .

** I have sealed my home from the attic 17 inches of insulation attic access is well insulated and sealed **

true 8 years is a while… but i figured that fart vent technology hadnt changed much. Tha whole discussion had me scratching my head because both sides made some decent arguments lol thought id see what you guys thought since i figure bathroom venting directly outside was a no brainer till i read that.

Your education is probably more current. That thread was started almost 8 years ago.

Interior air entering the attic in cold climates? Here’s what happens.

I got to see this just yesterday. The owner had removed the whole house fan louvered cover “four years ago”(his words). He had no idea.

Oh and the one photo is a stitched panorama, thus the few warped sections of the photo.

And don’t let a contractor try to argue that stuffing the end of the bathroom exhaust pipe down into the eaves is good enough. Like Stephen said, anyone that says that is ok is also an idiot.

You will be fine.
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Be good.
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Everyone has bathroom venting through the attic photos.
It is a common occurrence.
Proper methods:
Venting out of the wall protrusion, or vented out the roof protrusion.
Lots to do.
Take you time. The best education " IS HERE!!" Free!!
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I take it most of you don’t approve. I see this at 75% of houses I inspect, homes listing price does not seem to matter.

First photo from today, and this attic had turbine roof vents (the worst).

Second from 2 months ago. This was the home of the builder of the development this house is located. He told me it was a stupid requirement to vent at exterior. Three baths vented at main attic, I couldn’t locate huge master bath vent, it wasn’t at the exterior.

Again the turbines being the worst.
Proof please.
Any statistical proof other than a noisy and they need maintenance.
I installed many that have plastic vent tubing that entered basements and secondary room to remove stale air and high RH. ?

As for the pics Cris.
The baffles are small in that picture.
I have yet to see a level playing field when it comes to insulation company’s and there employes.after 35 years of being in and on
Have I seen good insulation in attics.
One out of 300 .
Those numbers are disturbing.
Throw in the venting issues and and high RH and I am surprised there is not more organic groqth issues in homes attics.
Must be the drafty buildings and our climate.

I tend to vent my farts inside i believe they call it dutch oven venting? I always assure my wife that my off gassing IS to code. She usually proves her point with an elbow to the ribs…

There are certainly many homes with bath vents entering an attic with excellent ventilation which have been that way for forty years and there is not a spot of bio-growth present.

That builder’s experience may simply be too shallow to have seen the effects of it. There are many different circumstances which affect the outcome of a bath vent entering the attic space: number, age & gender of the occupants, which bathrooms are used most, orientation of the home/roof, tree cover, prevailing wind direction, average snowfall, construction of the roof & roofing system, level of insulation, average indoor temp, etc. etc. I could go on and on. They all can play a part not only in whether moisture is entering the attic but also what that moisture does when it gets there.

For an inspector working in cold climates the issue is not the statistical chance of it causing a problem, it’s the fact that the potential is there and we are unable to predict the future changes to the above list of circumstances which have an affect on it. That contractor is right, in some homes with certain people and specific circumstances there is no need to vent bathrooms to the exterior. And his point is totally irrelevant to home inspectors. :smiley:

Very well put Mr. Anderson.
Words to live by. " the potential is there."

I forgot about this bath vent, same house, in the basement, forgot vent pipe, oops.