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It is and has been my understanding that the vent pipes are to be ran outside the attic. Many houses in this one track have two flex pipes ran to one roof jack. The flex pipe’s are pointed into the roof jack however a hard connection is not made. Have the rules changed or is this still incorrect? icon_eek.gif

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I am assuming in using the words flex pipe you are referring to a bathroom
exhaust fan.
This is dictated by local codes. In my area kitchen exhausts and bathroom exhaust fans are not required to penetrate the exterior of the attic which I think is as dumb as a board fence. It makes no sense to me for wet moist air or greasy smoke to be discharged into an attic but I got tired of fighting city hall and just started informing my clients as to the termination of the vents into the attic. I would suggest you determine what your local requirements are and then proceed from that. Good luck.

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Hi Dale,

I agree with Charley. With the warm moist/greasy air should be ejected through the roof or side of the house as when it is in a contained area (attic) it finds all kinds of things to cling to and could eventually become moldy.

Any one I find venting into the attic I right it up as being incorrect.

The same applies with bathrooms with windows and no fan. New codes do require an exhaust fan in them also.

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