Bats? BATS?... ??? United Bat Control? Bats are no laughing matter.


Our house that you inspected in March at (home location) had bats living in it. We have had 2 bats inside our house already. Animal control removed one bat on 6/20/08 and United Bat Control has had to seal up a hole on the outside and inside the house and are coming back today for another inspection. This has been a nightmare for us as we all have to get rabies shots. Please advise."

[FONT=Verdana]I didn’t really know what to say, I hadn’t spoken with him yet, but I called the county health department.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]It’s no laughing matter. The Boulder County Health Dept. recommends that anyone waking up in a room with a bat get rabies shots unless they can catch the bat and bring it in for testing. [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]They have such sharp teeth that some people don’t realize that they’re been bitten. If you wait until you develop symptoms, it’s too late. You’re going to die.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]Rabies shots can run into the thousands of dollars for some people. Expense & pain. Bad combination.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]I just got off the phone with the buyer. He wanted to know why I hadn’t found the bats during the inspection. Turns out it was a mouse-sized hole under the eve of the downhill side of a three story hillide home. United Bat Control found 5 bat guano pellets on the ground. Bat guano pellets are dark and about the size of a regular pencil-head eraser.[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]I researched bats a couple of years ago so I was able to come across well enough on the phone that the buyer was reasonable. But he and his wife both have to get shots. I don’t feel responsible but I feel bad for my clients.[/FONT]

One more risk for inspectors to be aware of, especially in attics and crawlspaces. Don’t touch them. Get out.

The person I spoke with from the county said that 10% - 11% of the bats brought in for testing test positive for rabies.


Is there a mass outbreak of rabid bats or cases involving bats and human contact with rabies in Boulder?

Gable vents are real popular with Bats, they love to get up under the slats. Squirrels will sometimes chew holes through the screen and then the Bats can get inside the Attic. BTW, there doesn’t have to be a round hole for them, they will hide in extremely narrow cracks, I have a Morgan Building and they love to nest above the door between the door and the trim. They are fantastic for Mosquito control, but not too good in the house. P.S. you will very seldom find them in one story dwellings, they prefer to be 15’ and above, out of the reach of most snakes. Thanks Kenton

This seems to be typical.

Just seems a pretty bold blanket urging by the dept of health.

I was just wondering if there was some underlying issue beyond hysteria and misinformation regarding bats, rabies, and human contact or interaction.

I believe the hysteria comes from the one case cited by the CDC involving a 4 year old that didn’t wake up until after all the commotion of killing the bat. The bat was not tested until after the toddler became ill and subsequently died. A very rare instance. Hence the hysteria to get treated even if you don’t suspect a bite. Chances of being killed on a bicycle are greater than contracting rabies from a bat bite. As one source indicated, bats follow raccoons and skunks as far as rabies carriers go.
This source indicates that no cases of human rabies has been reported in Colorado since 1931. Study from 1977 - 1996 and only 4470 bats were examined in this time frame. It’s an interesting study, but I don’t put to much weight into some of its statistics.

Thanks for the info Kenton. I hope all goes well with your clients.

Does anybody have the number to the batphone for we can warn the Batman? Or access to the bat signal on top of city hall? Does Commissioner Gordon know about this? Is this the end for the cape crusader?