Be employed or start it as a business?

Hello everyone. I am new here and almost done getting my CPI. I am based here in SoCal (Orange County). I am wondering if you went straight opening-up the Home Inspection as your own business or be employed first? I know I can build the business but I have no idea how the system works yet with regards to Home Inspection. I’m also a real estate agent and investor. Just want to see your opinion.

It sounds like working for someone else to get the hang of it would be best for you, Marc.


I say go for it. Start your own business. You seem like the kind of guy who likes to be his own boss.

You just got promoted to CEO of Infinite Business Credit (congratulations) in Nov 2020. You can help yourself get a business loan and jump right into the home inspection industry.

Its nice that they let you keep your job at 1st Platinum Realty, where you started work in Aug 2020.

Even more impressive that you are currently doing all this while still serving as CEO of MK Property Aquisitions, LLC

Incredible that you worked the front desk at LA Fitness while doing these three other impressive careers. (4 jobs at the same time)

From Feb 2018 until your rise to CEO² ( :v: ) you were a Physical Therapist Assistant. Was that the last time you worked for “The Man”?

It looks like you enjoy being in charge, and the good news is that most home inspection companies close after just a year or two, so that seems to fit your pattern perfectly. This job was made for you.

Welcome to home inspection. You’ll be a natural. :roll_eyes:

I’m just busting your chops man. Hope you can take a joke.
Seriously, you are a very young man and its OK to try a lot of things and see what you like to do. I agree with Larry, It may be wise to get hired by a home inspection company and try this out and see if this is something you want to do, longterm. Many of us started in different careers and ended up here. We come from a variety of backgrounds and previous career paths. Your experience in real estate, finance and house flipping will come in handy as you build your home inspection skills.
Welcome to the club, and best of luck in whichever way you approach your career.
Best wishes.


You had me going there, wondering where you got all the bio stuff, Bert…you turkey! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As a general rule we ain’t too friggin’ kind to employees as the boys like to say ‘tell the gimp to get the ladder’ especially one who’s a realtor too. :crazy_face:

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Impressive. You took the time to look into my LI profile.

I did not get promoted at all. Those are the businesses I built and been scaling. And yes I was employed back then from 2012 up to March 2020. And yes I agree with what you said that’s the reason I looked into the home inspection venture. If I can build it and scale it then I’ll be happy.

Thank you for your response! We should connect on LI then. lol

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Scale it up and then people will be working for you, making you money! Way to go.