Good Afternoon;
I am a recent Certified Home Inspector in Florida. I was actually in the Title Insurance Industry for 33 years until getting laid off in November. So I took the Allied Business School Home Inspection course and completed. I do have a good knowledge of home inspection. What I’m interested in finding out if there are employment opportunities, or should I look into starting my own business. I do have quite a few contacts from being in the Title Insurance industry for so many years. Any thoughts or help on this? I do not see myself doing wind mitigation because of the requirements, but I am intrigued with Home Inspections.


Congrats and Welcome!!

If you feel you are capable enough to work for someone else, you are able to work for yourself. Might as well get paid for what you are worth rather than up to 1/4 less through someone else. Starting up your own business is not that difficult with all the resources online. Your state gov’t website should have plenty of info on how to get started and what you need. There are quite a few members in Fla here, so if you need to get a little experience under your belt, I’m sure somebody can have you tag along. Just ask.


Gary, it’ll help if you let the guys know where in Florida you are.

Gary, be your own boss. I am tire of working for others making them richer. At least you can come and go as you please. By the way I am a newbee too. I would recommend Home Inspection Pro as your software if you decide to get into business. Dominic, the president is very intelligent and will help you out in many ways. Good Luck