Become a Certified Meth House Hazards Inspector

Become a Certified Meth House Hazards Inspector by visiting our Inspector Certifications page at and clicking the orange-colored Meth House Hazards logo.

Hey Ben,

Do you think the local Governments would hire us for this when they came across a meth lab or do they have their own employees with multi million dollar toys that say they are safe? I guess everywhere will be different according to local resources.

Not sure about that. The main goal is to help keep our inspectors safe.

Ahhh I see.
I have not checked out the course yet.

Great course!
Very eye opening!
Kind of scary that most of the items to produce meth are all common items that are already in most homes.

Great course.

I may take it foir fun tomorrow if I have the time. Good foot big toe terrible gout flair-up I believe i’ll be couching it all day. I am going to try to stay up real late watching a new series I founfd on netflix NARCOS. Not bad so far. If all goes well I’ll be able to sleep most of tomorrow and hopefully the gout will have made more process leaving my system :slight_smile:

If not I’ll chechk out the course…


Where did your shoot it and such? Was law enforcement involved at all? Sorry if you do not want to say I understand as you know i am interested in the WHOLE PRODUCTION of what goes into the awesome InterNACHI courses you all produce. My small amount of time I spent with you and your crew shooting that little bit of video was to me straight out fun. What you and your crew do after the day is what is really impressive.

Anytime you need another shooter , editor or sound person just let me know. I have some Pro but mostly
Semi-Pro experience with most that stuff. It isn’t work if it is fun :slight_smile: