Become a Home Inspector Training at the Florida House of Horrors on April 6-10, 2020

Join us at InterNACHI’s Florida House of Horrors® for Become a Home Inspector Training on April 6-10, 2020. This 5-day training is for anyone looking to enhance their skills or become a new inspector.

During the training you will learn from Certified Master Inspectors®; discover how to inspect systems and components of a home; find defects at the House of Horrors®; learn how to market your business; network with your fellow inspectors; and practice writing home inspection reports. You’ll also have the get to test-drive home inspection tools!

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Hi, I am thinking about a career in the home inspection industry. Right now I am doing all my analysis before jumping in, but I have one question. Should I wait to attend this event once I become certified (or at least in the process) or attend now? I want to be able to get the most out of it and not feel overwhelmed. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

Hey Austin, I’m in the same boat as you. I found this link explains it pretty well.

Hey there Brett, thanks for the link. If I am reading that correctly It appears I have to complete the 80-hour online component first and then attend the 40-hour live class. Lots of options out there, still trying to decide. What about you?

According to their explanation you can do the 80 hours before, during, or after the 40 hour class. However, if you want to end the class with a certification then it would have to be done prior to the class. That’s how it reads to me at least.

For me, I’m not currently planning to attend. I want a slow transition as I still want to do another 5 years in my current occupation. Right now the 120 hours on online self paced learning makes the most sense for my situation.

Well that is good to know that I can take it at anytime, but what I am wondering is…what is the best approach? Attending these classes before, during or after the 120 hours? Is there an advantage to gaining some background knowledge first or will it be too overwhelming at first for someone with no background in the home home inspection/construction business?

I can only speculate, but I would think doing the 80 hours prior to the 40 hour class would be the best option. Perhaps someone with more experience could chime in.

Have been in business for 25 years in Michigan and a CMI. Does Florida allow experience and certification to be used for all or a portion of the education requirements?