Bed Bug Awareness

Here is a link to the NACHI article.

Sounds like we need to be cautious when we return home from inspections. The MSNBC article was just published this morning.

I have a network friend, who is also a personal friend, that is also a certified pest guy and has developed a very good product for dealing with bed bugs. In fact, he has the contracts with all the big hotels in the Chicago area hotels.

The product uses an enzyme that simply digests the bed bugs shells. It is also harmless to humans and pets. I have seen him demo this stuff and actually drink it without any ill effects.

He also does house perimeter treatments (for ants and termites) using small amounts of pesticide mixed with cedar oil, which works just as well and only has to be applied once a year.

He sells it.

Here is the web site link.

Hope this helps;

This has been a shameless plug on behalf of a friend.

it appears the enzyme he uses is diatomaceous Earth

Thanks for the heads-up, Mike. I am aware that there have been EPA problens with some enzymes, but Rick has EPA cert on this.

Thanks anyway.

What a coincidence. I also have a friend that has contracts with all the big hotels in the Chicago area for the same thing…

You know Rick?

There are also heat treatments to eradicate them from behind walls where chemicals don’t affect the little critters.

I believe that is the hand of Dan Bowers in that picture.