Just had a Hotel Manager give me a card with information for a company owned by his friend that uses a dog to sniff Bedbugs out.
There was an actual convention on this subject in Rosemont ,IL today and they have been in the news lately because of some situations in NY.
Anyone ever hear concerns from clients on this subject?

This seems to be an increasing concern and of course mostly due to the media making a huge deal about bedbugs.

I was watching the news the other day and they were talking about the physical and metal scars from having bedbugs. The shame that people have and are afraid to tell anyone that they have bedbugs.

They then showed video of what bedbugs looked like and areas that they inhabit in your bed and bedding. These things were HUGE if anyone climbed into bed with the size of these things they showed on the news they deserve to be bitten.

I personally do not feel that I have any desire at this time to do bedbug inspections.

Same here but it may be something clients ask about if there is an influx of the little cute fellows.

I was speaking at a first time home buyers clinic and someone asked me if I inspected for them and I said that I didn’t. I might just to make sure I’m not bringing any home with me. They have been reported in all fifty states so it’s probably just a matter of time before I come across some.

Makes you think twice about staying in a hotel of trying on shoes/clothes at the mall :twisted:

Forgot to mention that the Chicago SunTimes just happened to do a one page article on this subject the day after I posted this.
Seems there is more hype than actual number of cases so far.

I was a GM in the hospitality industry in my former life. Bedbugs are a common enemy in that industry. I dealt with them once, not fun. They have been spreading in the last 10 years or so. The world travel we have now is the main culprit. In our business you will at some point run across them. They do not only live in beds. Once there is an infestation, picture frames, floor and door moldings, carpets, furniture etc. must be removed or treated.
They are waiting for you.
Itchy yet?

Where can I get my Dog trained?
Bed Bugs and Beyond!

hahahahah that is some funny stuff right there

Seems like the perfect ancillary service for home inspectors, after all they “do” termite inspection, mold inspection, chinese drywall inspections, pool inspections, etc.
Just think of the extra money.

Beautiful day here in SW Florida.
85 during the day and 65 at night

Have a good week:)

Another bedbug story.

One of the inspectors I used to work with started provideing Bed Bug removal as an added service now that’s all he does. I’ll leave that end of the business to him but I did found this tutorial helpful just for the info itself.

The most important step is to learn about bed bugs and prevent them from being introduced. Once bed bugs are found, using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that combines non-chemical and chemical intervention methods provides the best results. IPM relies on knowledge of the pest biology and a combination of multiple methods to eliminate an infestation with minimum cost and impact to the environment and human health
Bed Bug Information for Residents and Building Managers (687k PDF) [en Español]
Guidelines on Bedbug Control and Prevention in Public Housing
(PDF from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development)

Recorded Powerpoint Training: What Should Residents Know?

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They just developed some kind of instant test and remedy (saw on “Shark Tank”