I cannot imagine how they will remove these guys, buried way back in the attic.

Bee keeper and smoke

that’s the obvious… I’m talking the location, very tight, opposite the access.

Put some catch pans under the hive and free honey! :slight_smile:

May have to come from the other side , bee keeper will try to collect the queen the rest will follow

That’s an awesome photo man!

Very similar scenario a couple days ago. My local bee guy said they are not worth saving. Between the heat, location and aggravation they just kill and vac.

I’m a BeeKeeper . Been so since I was 8 yo I’m 61 now.
I’d extract all bee via the outside and the only thing left would be the wax.

To bee or not to bee…it’s all the buzz. Mind your own beeswax . What do you call a bee having a bad hair day? a frizbee.:mrgreen:

“Drink a little drink. Smoke a little smoke.”:slight_smile:

You would think with the honey bee shortage, relocating would be a better solution.

That is a great picture. I would be nervous in that attic for sure. Did you hear them before you seen them?

You never met Greg huh?