they’re swarming

That’s crazy, my wife and I just watched a show last night on animal planet about honey bee’s. seems Texas, California and Nevada are having quite a problem since African honey bee’s are nesting with European honey bee’s. the African bees are influencing the European bees temperament to be like the African bees. they were showing hives four feet high and two feet in diameter in city parks. won’t be long and all you folks on the west coast will have to walk around in them funny looking bee suits.

The reason for me posting this is do you or would you note this in your report?
Me: Yes

If so why?
Me: Potential for life endangerment
plus after calling numerous companies, removal of this swarm starts at $200.00 no beekeeper in their right mind wants a wild bee colony due to disease and parasites infecting their hives and apiary

It’s a good thing you found them before they found you.

Sorry, didn’t realize there was a question. I absolutely would report this and for the reasons you mentioned above. Who really cares if it cost $200.00, my family’s welfare is more important than a couple hundred dollars

Yes I would write it up, but we have Bee Keepers around here who jump at the chance to capture them, if nothing else just to keep them alive, they are having very high mortality rates at the present, so they need to be protected. As long as they are the Mild variety. BTW, they don’t influence the European Bees, they kill off the Colonies.

That is a big Queen!

Man,…and here I just thought this was a place I could catch a buzz…

Absolutely! Even small wasp nests around the home go in my reports.

"Even small wasp nests around the home go in my reports."

That must be quite a surprise for your clients!

:stuck_out_tongue: Saves on paper costs!

You got me. I should have said that small wasp nests get reported (not actually placed in my reports):stuck_out_tongue:

Although… now that you mention it… may not be a bad idea for certain realtor report copies!!!:smiley:

Bees, why did it have to be bees!?