Bend Radius

Too tight, what say you? :smiley:

I say no drip/dirt leg.:slight_smile:

Mos’ Definitely! :smiley:

Typically, a 3" to 6" radius is specified in the installation instructions that I’ve seen.

gastite has a website with the install instructions. probably

Looks kinda tight there BK2.:wink:

A Golf Ball is a pretty good gauge Larry.:smiley:

What is the risk of having such a tight radius? Does it create excess stress on the pipe and fitting creating a larger risk of failure, or what?

Yes Mark, the flexible gas piping is very thin wall material and the bend radius should not be smaller than the manufacturer reccomends (printed on the tag in the picture), which is pretty much as Larry called it out. :smiley:

Saturdays new home walk through.

No pipe dope or tape on flare nut fittings please.