Water Heater Gas Line

How would you call this? I say the gas line is too short. It’s tight against the tank and the bend radius has been exceeded.



I would call it like that but add that it is prone to mechanical damage being in it its current state; recommend a licensed HVAC plumbing professional evaluate it for correction.

What would you have them “evaluate?”

Personally, I don’t see it as much of a problem.

There should be slack in the line and the line should have a bigger radius bend before it connects to the water heater.

A drip/dirt leg would be nice;-)

The lack of slack coupled with all that junk around it leaves me concerned about potential mechanical damage. It would also be nice to see a larger turn radius.

Looks ok to me, just. The bend radius on those lines is about golf ball size or so.

Twist the water heater around a bit. :smiley:

We stopped putting dirt in our gas a while ago Michael. :smiley:

I’m glad you’re so clean. How about moisture?

The installation as shown would not be a problem in my neck of the woods.

It amounts to a sloppy installation. This condition is unusual on new construction here. Have not seen many drip/dirt legs here…

I agree with the comments, in general (sloppy work, etc.); however, I would personally be careful about using such terms as “bending radius is too small” unless I could say what radius is acceptable for the flex being used.

Frank, You are right I should say “the bending radius may be too small”. The bend radius should be no less than 1.5", or about golf ball size.

Better wording IMHO. Not to be argumentative (looking for education here), but how woudl the average HI know that it should be no more than 1.5"?

Spending time with other HI’s talking about such things like we are doing here.

Hey Michael - We agree! Dirt leg is SOP in Midwest (or at least from Kentucky North). Anywhere the supply line turns Down.

Brian - we’ve got old wells and our NG gets dirty.

In our area, gas pipes to water heaters (non-movable appliance) must be rigid black pipe.

Can the be galvanized pipe that has been painted black? :margarit:

No galvanized.

There rules derive from the local gas companies.

Maybe flex is used because we are in Seismic zone 4?