Best $4 I ever spent but Miss Paige is a bit distracting.

Whazzup wit da Pay per View?


Most episodes are free

We’re building advanced episodes with imbedded quizzes and exams for state approved licensing CE purposes.

Pretty Cool…:cool:

I thought it had to do with the “wood” content.:wink:

How long is it?
My goodness I missed episode 31 and thought Chris Burton was George Bush.(looking at the promo picture)

Because of the pace, you really can’t watch this episode without hitting the pause button. You’ll see why once you view it. That is also why you get 24 hours of access (so that you can watch it more than once).


Can you make the on line credit card payment “Secure”.

I am very hesitant to pay via CC with no “Security” on line. I don’t see any site data security lock with respect to cc data entry when you want to pay on-line for these great videos


It is secure. Notice the https on the url when you get to the credit card page.


Wow Nick.

You are really advancing NACHI TV ayy?
Pay per view???

How about a sneak peak???

Paige is perfect for this part. Congrats Paige.

Also, if one right clicks, on a page like this, on the credit card info area and clicks “properties” you will see if it is secure.