Best brightest LED head lamp

I got this and it ain’t worth s**t in attics. It clamed to be 6000 Lumen, but I doubt it. It Isn’t nowhere close to that.
I want it to be comfortable, long battery time and doesn’t get hot on my head. What do you use?

I went cheap and bought a “Energizer” LED that has 3 settings. Between it and a flashlight, it gets me through the basics. However, in attics and crawl spaces, I always turn the lamps off and rely on the flash from the camera. Much better pics than shining a light in an area and trying to take a pic of it. JMHO…

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I’d recommend looking at headlamps that are popular with climbers and backpackers. They have to rely on them to find their way in the middle of nowhere with nothing but pitch blackness all around. I’ve had good results with Black Diamond lights and have used them to hike for miles in the dark. Crawlspaces and attics aren’t much of a challenge for those lights. They’re not the cheapest, but I use it on every inspection so it’s worth it.


Great advice Kyle. :+1:

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Thanks Everyone . I’ll take a look at those.

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I use a Fenix rechargeable.
Uses an 18650 battery, is very bright on Max, bright enough on medium.
Has 2 lights, one of wide angle, one for spot.

I wear a standard elastic sweatband on my head before putting the headlamp on, both for traction and to insulate from heat.

They have many, this is the one I use:


Me handing over my 1st born to pay for my Fenix lights.


They have very good products… I have the HL-25 ,but want something brighter.


Thanks Dom.
You always come through for me.
Is there any cons with it
I’m buying it now.

Yes they do, that is why I only buy these. $25 per single.

I have many of those and a desktop charger.

The little push buttons on top can be tricky with large/fat fingers. Minor quibble though, and the unit pivots or swivels on a hinge, make it easy to position the light.

Thanks Brother! I appreciate you…Yep!
I just ordered it!

Another nice to have item for lighting attics. This goes with me into every attic and gets clamped on to the rafters/trusses. You can move it with you as you go or just leave it clamped by the entrance. Puts out a shit-ton of light! Can be configured into mltiple angles and positions.


This is what i use. Works great for both attics and crawls, 3 light settings. will get hot if used on turbo but you don’t feel it as the metal part does not touch your head.
Fenix HL60R 950 Lumens Neutral White USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp with Auxiliary Red Light, LumenTac Organizer, Black - -

Thanks everyone.

I got something like that…works good and gives an all around good lighting. Especially good if you’re working on something…[c1]&c2=[c2]&c3=[c3]&fbclid=IwAR1In8crJBFi4hRJIgDAiZENGvBAoxKYiYLPZaYHCIHI9zrLoGs_GIMWwoQ&sl=affautotechmike

Thank you but it’s a piece of junk. I tried them all.

All LED lights wash out the details.