New product: Fenix Flashlight

It’s out of stock!

Temporarily, my good man…:cowboy_hat_face: :nerd_face:

Fixed. Thanks.

Excellent company. I have 2 Fenix flashlights and a headlamp, one similar to this one. It is almost as bright as having both your cars headlamps - on high beam. Brighter than both regular headlamps together.
I have the version with the side micro USB so it can be more easily be recharged. It has more lumens (3100) than you would typically need in an inspection, but comes in handy for high ceilings with no electricity in the building. Always better to have more than less. To new inspectors out there, you really do not want to miss an important defect due to deficient lumen levels. You can not afford the liability to NOT buy a top of the line flashlight!!!

(Did I use the double negative correctly? LOL)

The strobe function is BLINDing, do not use on someone unless needed.

I absolutely love Fenix products and everyone who I show it’s functions to wants to immediately get one. My only gripe is that 2 of the 3 products i have have been discontinued, and imo they have slight advantages over what they currently carry. Important - learn how to use the lock out function!

Nick, I recommend carrying their rechargeable 750 lumen headlamp, very handy free for attics and crawlspaces.

Forwarding to Nikolai.

Thanks for the comments! Which unit do you have that’s 3100 lumens? The new TK35UE?


Nikolai Gromicko
Inspector Outlet, LLC

I have a Fenix headlamp. It was great for a while, maybe a a year (?), but then it stopped being as bright.

I’ve changed the batteries with official Fenix batteries, and tired everything, but it still won’t get as bright as it used to be.

Hi Nikolai,
I have the Fenix UC52 USB Rechargeable Flashlight. The one you carry should be equivalent, and probably more water resistant. It has seen heavy use, and even more so my 950 lumen Fenix - every inspection for 5? years and many times non inspection related. All 3 seem to be as bright as ever, sounds like sensor/software problem Ian.

It doesn’t come with batteries…

Batteries: Two 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries (not included)