Best Defect Picture in Structural

Personally, I think #8 is the most interesting… I mean, how many houses have you seen that had the cracks sealed with old clothes?

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you! :shock::mrgreen:

Hello from Lincoln Newhampshire, looks like we need another vote to break the tie.
Good luck to the both of you and have a good weekend.:slight_smile:

Well, looks like we have two winners for this Poll.

Kevin Leonard submitted photo #7 with 15 votes.

Bobby Hamilton submitted photo # 10 with 15 votes.

Contact Nick to get your case of books.

Both from Ohio.:slight_smile:
Thanks for everyone’s vote.

Congrats Bobby.:slight_smile:

nice job Buckeyes…

You better stop taking pictures of my house and posting them - Stay off my property