Best defect award group 7!

The improved Emerson E80 disposal… vibration dampener kit sold separately!

The guy at Wally world said these support post treads were the next best thing since chicken dinners!

Falling ice is the least of my worries at this building!

This wall ain’t going nowhere the floor doesn’t go!

Sprayer assembly $6… Vice grips $20… Ignorance PRICELESS!

What’s a blue print???

Warranty company is going to lose their butts on this baby!

Because extending it above the roof would just look too ugly!

Just give it a wrap! That’s how they did it in the old days!

Nahhhh… the driveway just settled a little.

Looking good Bill, Thanks

All we need now is voters.

Let’s Vote!!!:):smiley:

It’s against my religion to vote :mrgreen:

Your Vote is needed

Your Vote is needed

Your Vote is needed

OK, I just voted for my pic!

Thanks Marcel, we need more. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you guys re-visit some of the earlier submissions that weren’t initially selected for voting?

Can I help here Mark?:slight_smile:

We could use a few more votes here and if you have a chance submitt your best defect photos of the week here;

Take a moment and vote for your best defect picture taken from field inspections. :slight_smile:

Out of the 288 registered users who have visited the forum within the last 24 hours, you would think we could likely get just a few more votes on this and the website polls…

Just a wishful thought. :slight_smile:

Well according to Nick, they just come over to read. :mrgreen::wink:

Your right Bill, happy wishing, anyways a sudden influx of voters would probably scare me and raise my blood pressure. :wink:

I’ve placed my vote.

nice pics

Yup… just come here to read…

50 votes on an unrelated political BS poll in under 4 days… and it takes an inspection related photo awards poll 10 days to barley get 38…

Nice. :wink:

It is important to know your Market… :wink:

Indeed Brian.
It has become obvious that I need to work on that. :slight_smile:

I think you, Marcel, and others on the commitee are doing a “swell” job!!! :wink: