Vote For Best Defect Picture For The Year 2012

Well, I had to take a jump start and announce the Last and final Poll for Best Defect Picture Award for the Year 2012.

Listed is a compilation of all of this Years Winners for each Month.
Some Months had more than one winner.

Please take the time to vote for the Best One.

I will announce what the winner will win on another thread later. The winner will be announced on Christmas Day with any other Award Winners by the Chairman of the Awards Committee.

Good luck to all and the Poll will close on the 22nd.

Thanks to all that participated.

January- Wayne Cole


February-Roy Cooke


March-Martin Karl


April-David Hayes

Jamie A. Wilks

Andrew Shick


**May-**Keith Runquist

-Peter Russell


June-Jim Hanson



July-Curtis Hildebrand

Peter Russell


David Macey

Clogged attic, chimney gutters!!

Not the best defect but a good place to post!!

Missing downspouts, drain to insulation, ceiling joists!!

I am sure one of you bright people will asked if I mentioned the vermiculite.
Duh, no but I stayed at a Holiday Inn express last night.

John Shishilla

Here you go. One outlet to power another.

October Winners;

Wayne Cole
One big party on this deck and down it goes. Client does not know why there are concerns.


Bobby Hamilton

Garden hose being used for a gas line :shock:

November winner.

LeRoy D. Holm

How about this for a DIY repair job



December Winner

Philip J. Paquette

Electric Shower Head. I love this picture.

Well, looks like Bobby jumped out of the gates and going. :slight_smile:

Great choices Marcel, it took me a while to make my decision.

It didn’t take me long to make my decision… :slight_smile:

These were really good…Maybe next year My name will show up on this list…dare to dream…

I like #9

they are all good…

I’ll loan my chainsaw to #3 before the roof begins to lift off the house.

@ Andrew, Judging by the age of the roof and the tree, they have to redo that every so many years as the tree grows…

Hope all enjoyed the Best Defect Pictures this year and wish everyone will vote to give the participants a fair chance to the win.

Thank you all. :):smiley:

#9 is what you would call a real roof deck.

I like #12:cool:

The name is spelled MACY (no E)



There are some great choices here, it took me a while to decide my favorite and the winner is…… :shock:

Sorry David, if that’s all I did wrong over the year, I did well. :wink:

I still like #3 :slight_smile:

They were all “wonderful” defects, it was a tough choice, but I made a decision.


Bobby Hamilton


And Congratulations to

Martin Karl

You have won the Best Defect Picture Award of the Year. :slight_smile:

This will be announced again on the 26th along with the winner of the Gromicko Award. :slight_smile:

Unless I am seeing it wrong, it looks like a tie at 6 votes for each…Martin Karl #3 and Bobby Hamilton #15.

I am confused, it looks like a tie. #3 and #15.