Best sources for HVAC inspection education?

In addition to InterNACHI’s very comprehensive online HVAC course, what online or classroom/hands-on courses have you taken that you recommend?

I went to YouTube and watched videos by licensed HVAC repairmen. Found some decent info to increase my knowledge base.

In Okla some of the Vo tech (State Operated) schools offer a nice start for understanding the basic principles. HVAC is hard to grasp until one has actually worked in the field and I don’t meant just being a tech rep for some MFG company

In March some of us from the Colorado INACHI chapter went to the Rocky Mountain Education center @ Red Rocks Community College for a half day class. They have a great HVAC education center there including a full working lab. Of course with only half a day the information is limited. But when you consider the hundreds of INACHI inspectors in the Denver area and only 10 took the time to attend this free event. So, where are the rest of the members getting education? Most are not likely getting any. Just my opinion.

Most don’t have any interest beyond operating the thermostat. Its about the money not about being a professional HI. I see it right here in the forum all the time.

BTW congratulation on your education dedication :smiley:

David, that’s where Ben and I shot the big Advanced Training for Inspecting HVAC Systems for Home Inspectors video course with Bill Mele. It’s a fantastic place. The electrical shop is amazing too. Huge rooms filled with nothing but HVAC and Electrical examples for teaching. It’s really a shame that more people didn’t take advantage of that opportunity.

Free course with Air Diffusion Council for flex duct installation

You’ve taken it, Chuck?

Of course. Air Diffusion Council is the industry association for all of the flex duct manufacturers. They pretty much all adopt the same installation standards which are published by the ADC. I recommend getting the Green book too

We are trying to get an electrical class set up. I have seen their classroom but not the electrical lab.

Here are some pictures from the class we went to.