Hot PICs of InterNACHI's HVAC Inspection course being developed.

We’ve got 6 edited hours of HVAC training video so far. Our goal is to develop a 2-day HVAC course, and finish editing sometime in late-October 2008.

It’s going to be the best advanced education/training online video so far. We ripped apart heaters like I never thought possible!

We are going to shoot the rest of the 2-day HVAC training course in a large college classroom in mid-October.

** We would love to have inspectors come to Boulder, CO and participate in the course**, including asking questions, doing hands-on activities, meet the course trainer (Bill Mele), and learn about all of the HVAC equipment that’s available (about 35 different types of HVAC systems - most are completely opened up - most residential with some commercial systems overlapped).

Anyone interested in attending the InterNACHI/NACHI.TV Ultimate HVAC Training Course?

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Looks good. When I went HVAC school, we made mock up systems from every conceivable source we could find, even a geothermal unit. I got into the program just as the school was developing it so we had a free hand in setting up the lab. It was great fun and learning experience. We also learned how to work on commercial freezers and refrigeration units, as well as doing live work on most anything you would find in the field… Your lab and trainers look very similar to the ones we did. Good job!

It was hard to stop taking photos. They had commercial rooftop units all sorts of testing gear and displays… pretty much like you describe, Doug. Almost all of it is opened up for training purposes, so inspectors can see components they’d never see on the job.

This course is on system operation and component and defect recognition in residential heating and cooling equipment, but the potential for a commercial course is there if the interest level were high enough.

Looks like some very interesting HVAC courses you guys are lining up.

Great job.

We’d love to have InterNACHI inspectors come to Colorado for the 2-day class. We’re thinking sometime mid-October.

Email me my e-tickets for the flight, and I’ll see you then.

If you run across any of the big stainless steel freezer, refrigerator units that are shot, they make outstanding smokers. We made a couple of those while in the program and we would have “dinner on the grounds” quite often. Hard to concentrate on school when a whole pig or side of beef is being smoked outside the lab.

You come out and I’ll buy you some chicken.


Where do I go to find a concise (simple, short) description of the four categories of fuel-burning appliances and their related venting systems?

IRC is not that great a resource to answer that question.

Or maybe someone can copy-paste the answer.


October 27th and 28th

Alright, my weak link, well for obvious reasons in Maine, right?:wink:

So who is our honored guest? Does it start with D?

Can’t wait, thanks guys.

Another learning experience for everyone.

Thanks you Nachi TV.

Marcel :):smiley:

One of the instructors for the HVAC course will be Bill Mele.
Attached is his 4-page resume. Yeah. Four.
Mele_resume.pdf (57.5 KB)