Beta: User InterNACHI as an OpenID provider

Hey folks,

We’re testing out a new feature that would let you use your InterNACHI members-only username and password to securely log into other web sites. This technology is called OpenID and has been embraced by the likes of Google, Yahoo, AOL, Network Solutions and others.

Anywhere you see the OpenID logo:

You should be able to log in using your InterNACHI OpenID:

Simply replace “username” with your members-only username.

After you enter your OpenID and hit continue, you will be redirected to a special page on NACHI.ORG that has this logo:

Enter your username and password on that page, and you will be redirected back to the original site (you’ll also be given the option to provide your name and email address automatically).

While I’m sure some of you will find this helpful, what’s more exciting is the possibilities that this opens up for us and other companies wanting to tie into the InterNACHI ecosystem. Rather than setting up a new username for each site, you’ll simply be able to log in using your InterNACHI username anywhere that supports our OpenID system. But because the login form is hosted on NACHI.ORG, your username and password is always secure with us.

Right now this system is in beta. I just finished working out the major kinks a few minutes ago. Please let me know if you come across any bugs.