InterNACHI inspectors get up to 40% off Regal Cinemas.

can’t use nachi user name or password…


You can if you register at our Super Deals page using your InterNACHI username and password. Or you can make up any other username and password you like. I recommend using your InterNACHI username and password when you register so that you can remember them later, but that’s up to you. If you need to review the instructions again, go here: Enjoy!

yeah that didn’t work…again…can’t use my internachi user name and password

Sign out and in at the forum to double check.

You have to Register. Don’t use the Login button. (I did this at first and wondered why it would not accept it)

So, click the Register button :slight_smile:

When you Register, use your internachi login and password when it prompts you to select a username and password.


thanks gents…i’ll try later…off to an inspection…

It is kind of confusing since the INACHI logo is right above the LOGIN section. Leads one to assume you can use your INACHI login credentials right away. You can’t. You must register first


Carl is correct. You can’t just log in with your InterNACHI username and password. You have to register first. Read:

well I finally got registered but was not able to use my Nachi user name as it said that name was already registered…