I thought I may be inspecting a home for a small person. Why is there the lower bidet.

My 6 year old would enjoy flushing his backside.

This is to mean no disrespect for midgets. But everytime I am flippin channels I come across this midget family and it made me laugh when I saw the lower bidet. My client busted up laughing as I tried to explain the bidet. He had no clue of there purpose. I alway mis pronounce the word.


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Those are often installed around here in the “pool bathroom” so one can clean ones feet prior to swimming.

Foot wash is what it is, not a Bidet. Seen thousands.

See the definition of Bidet in a Construction Dictionary or the Codes for further.

I’m usually very un-politically correct but the term midget while referring to little people is like calling a black person the “N” word. It is very offensive. Most people are not aware of this so I’ll thought you should know.

This is not a Bidet but I would be interested in your explanation of it to your client. :-k

Foot washer or water temp. toe tester;)

might be good for washing pets too.
Definately not a bidet
pronounced Bi (like in bigot) and det (like day)

I put a shower in the basement and did the same thing ,
You have the water go down to set the temperature .
This way you do not get cold water on you when you take a shower.
Great for washing the dog also great when you want a pail of warm water .
Good idea wonder why more do not do it .

Roy Cooke Sr …

Great way of just rinsing the shower stall floor of hair and whatelse. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

In order for that to be a bidet you would have to lay in the shower floor with your “whoozit” pointed towards the ceiling.:shock::wink:

I thought a Bidet was an Eye Wash Station! OOOOOooops :slight_smile:

lol, well…it kinda is…

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Bidets are principally used to wash and clean the external genitalia and the anus, as well as the skin near these areas. They may also be used to clean any other part of the body; they are very convenient for cleaning the feet for example. Despite appearing similar to a toilet, it would be more accurate to compare it to the washbasin or bathtub. In fact, the bidet makes an excellent baby bath. Anyone who has mobility problems and finds it difficult to get into a bathtub, or is afraid of slipping in the shower, may find a bidet an excellent solution for maintaining personal hygiene.
Users who are unfamiliar with bidets often confuse a bidet with a urinal, toilet, or even a drinking fountain. The user should use the toilet before using the bidet; its purpose is to wash afterwards. It is generally understood that you should sit on a bidet facing the tap and nozzle, however that is not necessarily the case. It’s just as efficient and, some say, less awkward with your back to the tap and wall.
Bidets are made in several different designs. They may have one tap which pours (usually warm) water into a china basin. The basin can be plugged and filled if necessary, or the water can be allowed to drain away. Other bidets have a nozzle which propels an arc of water up into the air. This jet of water is angled to connect directly with the genital area.
Image:Bidet toilet seat.jpg A toilet seat with built-in electronic controls and a twin-nozzle bidet. These integrated bidets are the predominant type found in Japan.

A bidet may also be a nozzle attached to an existing toilet, or a part of the toilet itself. In this case, its use is restricted to cleaning the anus and genitals. Some bidets of this type have two nozzles, the shorter one, called the family nozzle, is used for washing the area around the anus, and the longer one (bidet nozzle) is designed for women to wash their vulvas. These bidets are often controlled electronically rather than with a traditional tap, and some have an element under the seat which heats up to dry you after washing.
Although using a bidet may include touching the genitalia and the anus with the hands after using the toilet, it can be more hygienic than toilet paper. In fact, most people with bidets use both, wiping with toilet paper before washing with the bidet.
Bidets are very useful for the elderly or anyone with mobility problems and for people with hemorrhoids.

OPPS…sorry…copied from some freakin online dictionary thingie…without their permission…SUE ME !

I was thinking along the same lines also, possibly a drinking fountain for very short people.:stuck_out_tongue:

That is way more information than I think I wanted to know about bidets.

lololol…at least no one said a Bidet was a Drinking Fountain…:slight_smile: oh WAIT…YOU DID…thehehehehe…:mrgreen:

I thought if you were an Oakland fan, you could wash your hooded raider…:smiley:

I don’t care to remember how many times I have hit the ceiling by turning on the centre jet as opposed to the rim wash. Those tap handles aren’t very well marked. :frowning: