:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Fischer 234.jpg

That’s the disinfecting type :smiley:


Yes skin and “all”.


Just curious as to what made you take the temperature at the bidet and not the sink, unless, of course, the hot and cold water lines were reverse.

Water temp was too high at the sink----got to thinking it might be a good idea to check the bidet:)


As Jeff stated, that water coming from that area is hot for disinfecting the bowl which is not an issue.

The supply (at the front) should be the cooler water. When you turn it on, put your face over it…

David, I think Jeff was kidding:). Even at 143 degrees F it wouldn’t be hot enough to “sanitize” the bowl. If you were to turn on the hot only and turn the divertor----someone would get body parts “sanitized”:shock:


I don’t know of anyone that washes their face in a bidet do you?:stuck_out_tongue:

I still do not understand. If the water temperature is too high at the sink, what would make you think it would not be the same at the bidet?


Some fixtures have Mixing Valves for single fixture [point of use] and some can control temp.

I guess you don’t know my personality.

I was simply joking about putting your face over the fountain. You all know what that spout at the front is meant for…


How the hell are you going to wash your body parts with a very hot waterfall at the rear of the toilet?

So David, are you saying it is OK to have 143 degree water at the “geyser” part of the fixture?:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Common sense says “No”, unless you desire fried anus.

I’m no expert on Bidet use but I believe the two supplies are separated. In your pic you have the flush/sanitizer running with one control and the supply is controlled with a separate control… am I right?

I would imagine the cleansing supply is on a mixing valve.

Now, if you had your infrared pointing at the supply valve area with that temperature, I’d say you’d have a problem.


And you don’t know me. It really is hard to communicate on a MB.

Just messing with you!!

Obviously made for a woman with asbestos backside.

I believe you might have to straddle it.


You have a problem with that? :mrgreen:

that makes for one hot a$$


The picture that Charles posted, heck I would not hesitate to drink from it never mind washing my face:p

I was in Cairo a few years ago and used public facilities to my amazement the Crapper was a combo unit with a Bidet [not a pretty sight]