BIG Changes for Google Ranking in 2015

If you have a website, and Google ranking is important to you, watch out, you may get you *** kicked in 2015

Google will ‘‘slap you’’ if:
-Your domain name includes your main keyword
-anchor text back link, a big no no if it includes your brand or main keyword
-your site is not mobile friendly (viewport html)
-keyword stuffing (ATL)

Google will love:
-Shares on social medias (G+, Fbook, twitter, and so on and you NEED to reply to comments) this IS the thing for 2015
-Backlinks from trusted sites are still very , very good (Like DMOZ and all)

So my suggestion is we should all link together (Fbook, G+, twitter ond so on) and share, comment , like each others content…

Keywords in domain name is not good? Oops.

I find that hard to believe.
Where did you get this info?

It all depends on how ‘‘Panda’’ (Latest Google update) sees it. it could pass but if it looks like that for exemple:

Google will see it as spam and you will lose ranking. what it come down to is, how much does Google trust your site…or if you are an '‘authority site’ Nachi is a trusted site buy Google, so backlinking is good…backlinks from backlinging site like ‘‘free 10000 backlinks for $10’’ not good at all

Frank, i also see you have H1, H3, H4 Tags, and '‘viewport:1’ that very good. very nice site!, but you could use more socialmedia ‘‘shares’’, i see that most of your backlinks are from ‘‘non trusted site’’ (remember, non trusted according to Google, dosent mean that these are bad sites)

Penguin 1,2, and 3 took care of most of that. That is all kind of redundant Web 2.0 stuff.

yeah…, i just looked at the source code of your site…:roll:

Thanks. What’s viewpoint 1? What are the nontrusted back links? I’m a novice feeling my way around.

Viewport is how your site will look on mobile device, this is the code so everything fits on a smartphones or tablets (at least 50% of your clients uses those mobile devices) so it’s very important

<meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1”>

Others need to insert this html code on each page of their site, YOU DID, SO YOU’RE GOOD!!!

As for trusted site, well, again Google wont say much…but…these’s a big difference between
-wikipedia and ‘‘free stuff’’.com

but the most important thing in 2015 will be socialmedia sharing…IT’S THE BIG THING FOR RANKING IN 2015

Thanks for the input. Squarespace does the viewport automatically for all sites. I’m very happy with Squarespace hosting and website design tools. I’m 63 years old, took a DOS class in 1990, a carpenter by trade, and I built my own website. :slight_smile:

Well, your site is very nice, has all of the elements to keep (or +) rank for google.

I too do my own websites for the last 10 years, also did a lot of white/grey/black hat SEO for as long as i can remember so i kinda know a bit what i’m talking about, i’m not the best, but i manage

there is another update coming and most of are not prepared for it, if they do get slapped by Google, it will be a Hard hit…i’m just saying ‘‘Heads up!’’ :mrgreen:

Ok… Whatever you say

i could give you the actual code that google uses to ‘‘see’’ and rank your site so you can see what they see… but, you clearly dont need it

So I’m not quite sure why the attack, I just stated the facts. It’s Panda 4.1, it’s not a “big” change. Google released the social share thing a couple years back in answer to Facebook not sharing data with them. If you are so concerned with( and critical of my site), then why is your site void of proper H1,2, and 3’s?your text rate is only 9.3% , and you have minimal social shares.

You seem like a knowledgable guy, so good for you. Your site also looks nice. No hard feelings between us I hope, as I am not one of those guys that likes to argue on these boards. Any info shared on this board is good for everyone :). I also like the colors and layout of your site (although I don’t speak French), and your logo looks awesome!

Good meta tags too. Your site looks like it is only a few years old (about 5from what I can see) and is ranked a 2, which is pretty great. Keep up the great work

1] Nobody knows exactly how rank works or everyone not paying a marketing guru would be off the first 10 pages by now .

2 ] Everything you said is the same stuff we always hear except the url thing which makes me refer back to my first point.

no attacks, i void H1 because i’m currently testing with H4, in some case it was proven to be better (i’m only testing it for now) , as for Facebook, it’s not really clear on if they use it or not as ranking factor…i’m currently redoing completely my site, and testing more or less what work and what not… but what i’m sure are social media Shares…and broad match keyword anchor text links

hahahah can you belive that i rank for almost all my keywords except home inspector!!! (in french) loll…THIS drives me nut loll…

take for example, the mobile html, man you could get deranked if your site is not mobile friendly…i mean, i seriously did not think of that…it’s all of those small things that will be looked closer by Google…:shock:

i’m moving to bing lollll

I know what you mean. Penguin 2 and 3, along with Panda 3 and 4.0 really changed things on everybody. 3 years ago back links were all you needed, nowadays social media and a blog play more of a factor than back links. Bing drives me crazy too though, their algorithm is relatively archaic compared to Google and some of the old tricks still work there.

Do you have an English version of your site too?

yean, i realized too late…boy did i get slapped…even in local business…so now it’s a race to fix everything, and see what’s next for 2015

i dont have an English version, my clients are all french loll

The biggest thing I have seen get penalized lately is “scraped” content from larger sites, i.e. Cutting and pasting information from NACHI. Org. Google hates it and will even send you a webmaster message at times if it is too bad.

What area are you in that it is only French speaking?

Did you do your own logo? I really like it